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Iner Smith

Donor Relations

Iner Smith joined Teen Challenge Canada in early 2012 after having worked some 17 years with Crossroads Christian Communication (100 Huntley Street) and CTS TV (now known as YesTV). Prior to that he spent 35 years with Royal Bank of Canada involved in lending and as a manager in four branches. For a few years Iner served on the Board of Directors of Teen Challenge. While Iner's mother and grandparents were devout followers of Jesus, his dad suffered for years with alcoholism and it is one of the reasons he is committed to the ongoing success of seeing women and men experience new creation in their lives and restoration with their families.

Iner currently follows up with individuals looking to give special gifts such as shares, stocks and estates to Teen Challenge Canada. Iner and his wife Helen recently celebrated 52 years of marriage and live in Simcoe, ON.

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