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Phase 4

A Gradual Transition back into society

Teen Challenge Intern working at computer

Upon completing our one-year program, Teen Challenge offers a graduate the opportunity to enroll in the Phase 4 Program. This postgraduate program is six months in length. If the graduate believes additional time to their Phase 4 program would be helpful, Teen Challenge may provide a six-month extension.

The Phase 4 program is a season to set clear goals and further ease the transition back into society. The benefit to a Teen Challenge graduate can be tremendous because it is an awesome opportunity to have 'more time'!

  • More time to receive mentorship from Teen Challenge staff and community volunteers.
  • More time to learn personal financial management skills and design a practical budget.
  • More time to learn relapse prevention techniques, life management skills, and establish healthy boundaries.
  • More time to learn new job skills, work on a resume, and plan a post Teen Challenge career.
  • More time to work on a GED, research post-secondary programs, and apply to the vocational school, community college, or university of their choice.
  • More time to decide on a home church and connect with a pastor and church community.

A Phase 4 client receives a monthly honorarium, plus free room and board. Clients continue to be accountable to Teen Challenge while given greater responsibility and increased freedom. Ultimately, Phase 4 clients make a valued and meaningful contribution to their Teen Challenge community as first-class role models for new clients.