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Sponsor A Student

Your Support is Needed.

Join thousands of Canadians and help give someone struggling with a life-controlling drug and alcohol problem a new start in life through the power of God and the Teen Challenge program!

Teen Challenge Canada Sponsor A Student


Teen Challenge is a registered Canadian charity that is part of a network of six residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres across Canada. These facilities offer spiritual, academic, vocational and life-coaching in a Christ-centred environment. Sponsorship is a personally rewarding journey you can experience by being a source of encouragement for your sponsored student.

As a monthly sponsor, you'll receive:

  • Regular progress updates
  • A photograph of the Teen Challenge student you’re helping
  • A personal invitation to your student's graduation
  • An opportunity for you to write and encourage your student at Teen Challenge
  • A tax receipt for your total monthly support at year's end

And when you sign up as a monthly sponsor, we’ll send you a welcome kit introducing you to Teen Challenge monthly sponsorship.

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Will my monthly sponsorship help change a life?

Yes! For just $40 / month, you will help give a young man or woman at Teen Challenge real hope for a promising future without drugs or alcohol! You will have the satisfaction of knowing you contributed to achieving the goal of seeing each Teen Challenge graduate return to society as a responsible and productive citizen - without dependence on drugs or alcohol — positively contributing to their community!

How do I join as a monthly sponsor?

To join as a monthly sponsor, just fill out the form below and select the Teen Challenge centre in the region you wish to support – or call us at 1 (888) 417-7777 x7356. Teen Challenge sponsorship is fully tax deductible and can be paid monthly or annually.

Contact us today to say ‘Yes, I want to become a Teen Challenge monthly sponsor!’ Thank you in advance for doing your part to give a desperate young person coming off the streets, out of jail or from a difficult life circumstance a new start in life!

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