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Apply to the Program

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  • Be familiar with program requirements and eligibility guidelines.
  • Complete an application form (online form or printable PDF document (Men  /  Women).
    Please Note: All applications must be filled out by the applicant.
  • Have an assessment interview with an Intake Coordinator (see contact information here).
    $100 application fee* (non-refundable and non-receiptable) is due at your appointment. Special arrangements can be made if you live more than 3 hours away or are incarcerated.
  • Provide additional ID, medical and legal forms (see what else you are expected to provide).
  • Medical check and blood tests (Download PDF Forms: Men's  /  Women's)

Apply To The Teen Challenge Canada Program 

>> Connect with a Centre by fax

* Acceptance of an applicant will not be determined until all components have been received by Teen Challenge.

* We accept certified cheques, money orders, cash, VISA and MasterCard.


Once you are approved, you will be placed on a waiting list pending available bed space. When one becomes available, your entrance day will be scheduled.

To maintain your position on the waiting list, you are required to call the centre weekly to demonstrate your continued interest in the program.

Prior to arriving, please:

  • Read the Program Overview: Download Here
  • Read What to Bring: Women   /  Men
  • Find Student Sponsors (download, print and fill out)
  • $1,000 Entrance Fee* (non-refundable and non-receiptable) fee must be paid on your entrance day

Apply now!