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Admissions FAQ


How do I apply to the program?

To begin the process, you need to fill out an application form and submit it, you can print one to fill out or fill it out online by following this link.

You’re Teen Challenge Canada, why don’t you accept teenagers?

Teen Challenge began in the 1950s as a ministry for troubled teens in New York. Since then, Teen Challenge has grown to over 1,400 autonomous organizations in more than 129 countries and has expanded to include adults. At Teen Challenge Canada, because of government regulations we are only able to offer treatment to adults 18 years and older at our centres. 


To learn more about the history of Teen Challenge follow this link.

How much does your program cost?

There is a $100 non-refundable application fee that can be paid online, or at your assessment interview. If approved for intake, there is an entry fee of $1000 payable upon admission. Private donors and sponsors cover all other costs such as room and board.

I’m unable to pay the fee.

At no time is anyone turned away due to financial burdens, if you are unable to pay the fee you are still welcome. Your intake coordinator can answer additional questions. 

I’ve applied, what are the next steps?

Once your application is received, we will reach out to you within two business days by phone or email and set up an interview time with you. Interviews may be completed in person or by telephone.

Is there a waiting list?

For some locations, yes, there is a waiting list. For questions about your status, please speak with your intake coordinator. 

Is recovery possible?

Yes, we believe you can live a life free from substance use. It is not easy, and it will not happen overnight, but our trained staff are here to help you, mentor you and support you through your journey.  There is hope!  Applying to our program and seeking help is a great first step.

Do I have to be religious to be in your program?

No, while our program is faith-based, and includes Christian biblical teachings, you do not have to be religious to attend our program.

What if I have outstanding legal problems?

A criminal record does not necessarily prevent you from entering the program, your intake coordinator will help you through the process and be able to answer questions specific to your situation.

Do you offer the use of opioid replacement therapy?

At this time, we are only able to accommodate individuals who have been prescribed Sublocade prior to entering our program. 


Please speak with your healthcare provider before making any changes to your medication. 

Do you provide detox services?

No, we do not offer detox services at our facilities. Please speak with your intake coordinator about entry requirements concerning detox. 

How long is your program?

Our core program is 12-months, this can be extended by 6 or 12 months with our optional Phase4 program, based on availability and eligibility.

What is a typical day in the program?

Teen Challenge is a highly scheduled program, a typical day will involve time for personal devotion, counselling sessions, academic classes, work detail, recreational activities, life skill classes and study time. Each day, your meals will be provided for you, and the day will end with prayer in the dorms.

Is smoking or vaping allowed in the program?

No, our centres are completely smoke and vape free. We do allow eligible clients to use nicotine replacement therapy for a period of time.

Can I still use my devices (i.e. cellphone, laptop, etc.) in the program?

When you enter the program we will limit your access, however as you progress you will gain more access. 

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