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Vehicle Donation Program FAQ


I want to donate my vehicle. What's the process?

It's easy! Just click the link below and fill out our easy online form and we'll email or physically mail you our vehicle donation kit - or you can call us directly at 1.877.684.4777 for more information.

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Will you accept vehicles in any condition?
Yes! We accept vehicles as long as they have 4 wheels with tires, and there are no outstanding Liens against the vehicle. We also accept RV's trailers, motorcycles.
How much is my vehicle worth?
That depends on many factors. We have an accredited Vehicle Appraiser on staff who will determine the fair market value of your vehicle. You will receive the best tax receipt possible — often more than trade-in value!
Can I drop off my donated vehicle?

Yes! For a list of convenient drop off locations, click here!

Will you pick up my donated vehicle if needed?
Yes. Once you complete the online vehicle donation questionnaire form and send us your vehicle information with the ownership, we will contact you to arrange a pick-up time.
Will you accept vehicles other than cars and trucks?

Yes! We accept RVs, trailers, motorcycles, boats, and many other types of vehicles. However, online donations for these types of vehicles is not available, so please give us a call at 1-877-684-4777.

When will I receive my tax receipt for my vehicle donation?
Tax receipts are issued approximately 4 weeks after receipt of your vehicle at one of our drop off locations.
I don't have my ownership - can I still donate my vehicle?
Yes! However, we will need legally transferable ownership -- not a photocopy. Please visit your local Ministry of Transportation office for your province and request a duplicate copy. You will need proof of identification.
The ownership is not in my name - can I still donate?

Yes! However, the ownership must be signed by the person whose name is listed on the front in order to complete the donation.

Can the tax receipt for the vehicle donation be issued in someone else's name -- other than the person named on the ownership?

Unfortunately, no. Government regulations prohibit us from doing so. We are required to issue the tax receipt to the official owner of the vehicle.

Can I send a photocopy of my ownership to you?
No. We require the original ownership of the vehicle in order to accept your donation.
What do you do with the vehicles?
Once a vehicle is donated, we determine the overall condition based on the year, make, model and condition of your vehicle. That evaluation determines whether or not we invest in repairs. Some vehicles are cleaned and sold; others are at the end of their life and are recycled. A limited number are used at Teen Challenge Centres. All proceeds go to fund Teen Challenge’s life-changing programs for men and women across Canada.


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