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Newfoundland & Labrador

Future Home of Atlantic Hope Women's Centre

Teen Challenge Canada is working towards opening the Atlantic Hope Women's Centre providing an in-residence rehabilitation program in Newfoundland and Labrador for women ages 18 and over who are struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

*Referrals Only! Under Development.

We’ve heard over and over that women in Atlantic Canada need a place to recover from soul-destroying addictions. Ready for change, they need time to get to the roots of their substance abuse and to develop tools for a new life.

We are happy to report that the road, which needed to be built to open our new centre is now complete, enabling the Teen Challenge Atlantic Hope Women’s Centre to move ahead!

Next Step:  We plan to open the Centre in 2018 with a small student body occupying the existing house, subject to funding.

Plans For The New Atlantic Hope Women's Centre

In St. John's, NL

New Alberta Men's Centre

New Alberta Men's Centre

To download the latest Atlantic Hope Women's Centre Newletter, click here.

Thank you to all of our donors and supporters, for standing with us, as we move forward to see this new Centre open and full of women needing to find freedom from addiciton in Newfoundland & Labrador.

Target Population

  • Women struggling with Alcohol & Drug Addiction
  • Women Ages 18 & Over
  • Serving the Atlantic Region
  • Single Women, Married Women, & Single Mothers
  • Employed, Unemployed
  • Local Community Resource

* Referrals made by first responders, community-based agencies, service providers, places
of Worship, individuals and families.

* Collaboration with partner agencies serving similar population.

Teen Challenge Program Components

  • 12-Month Residency
  • Voluntary Admission Only
  • Detoxification Prior to Entry
  • Professionally Trained Staff
  • National Program Standards, Operations, and Guidelines
  • Locally Operated & Managed