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CEO Blog - Our Core Values, Part 5

Posted on December 3rd 2015 by Teen Challenge Canada
CEO Blog

Our Core Values, Part 5

Dan MurrayIn the final entry in this series on the Mission and Core Values of Teen Challenge Canada, we focus on the 5th Core Value.

To keep it all in context, the following is our Mission and first four Core Values:

Our Mission
To help people overcome drug and alcohol addictions and empower them to reach their full potential in society

TCC Core Value #1:
We are Christian
We believe that God is the catalyst for change for people with life-controlling drug and alcohol problems

TCC Core Value #2:
We are committed to the addict
We believe that a balance of love, accountability and training are required to prepare the individual for successful re-entry into society.

TCC Core Value #3:
We value people
Our students, donors, staff, volunteers, churches, board members and advisory councils are appreciated and worthy of our respect and honour.

TCC Core Value #4
We are stewards
We are committed to managing wisely all resources entrusted to us, recognizing that we are ultimately accountable to God.

Today we continue the discussion with an exploration of the 5th and final Core Value, which reads as follows:

TCC Core Value #5
There is hope!
Life controlling addictions can be permanently overcome!

Hope is in short supply these days, but it is often altogether missing in the lives of men and women trapped in drug and alcohol addiction. Moreover, their parents, spouses and children often lose all hope after years of heartache, broken promises and burned bridges.

Without hope, there is no reason to fight addiction, no motivation to change. Without hope, there is only an endless downward spiral and the despair of ruined relationships and lost potential.

But...at Teen Challenge Canada we know there is hope! Is there any greater hope than that God is for you? (Rom 8:31). Each Teen Challenge Graduate has a unique story of hope that demonstrates the very fingerprint of God's grace in their life.

Hope gives something to hold on to - it is the glimmer of a promise that things can get better, the motivation to pursue recovery and the reason not to give up on a loved one.

The yearlong program at Teen Challenge Canada is truly a journey of hope and after years of successful graduations we know that addiction truly can be permanently overcome - lives can be rebuilt and families restored.

When students tell the stories of their time at Teen Challenge they proclaim hope - hope for others trapped in addiction and hope for their family members.

Teen Challenge employees and volunteers are entrusted with this precious gift of hope - this is both a great honour and a great responsibility.


Dan Murray, CEO



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