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CEO Blog - Our Core Values, Part 4

Posted on November 24th 2015 by Teen Challenge Canada
CEO Blog

Our Core Values, Part 4

Dan MurrayIn this blog series, we have been discussing the Mission and Core values of Teen Challenge Canada.

These are not just words on a Bulletin Board. The Mission and Core Values explain why we exist and who we are - or at least who we aspire to become. We will always be on a journey of learning and growth to become better at our mission and more aligned with our core values and these help to point the direction for that journey.

So far we have covered our mission and the first three core values, listed again below for your reading pleasure:

Our Mission
To help people overcome drug and alcohol addictions and empower them to reach their full potential in society

TCC Core Value #1:
We are Christian
We believe that God is the catalyst for change for people with life-controlling drug and alcohol problems

TCC Core Value #2:
We are committed to the addict
We believe that a balance of love, accountability and training are required to prepare the individual for successful re-entry into society.

TCC Core Value #3:
We value people
Our students, donors, staff, volunteers, churches, board members and advisory councils are appreciated and worthy of our respect and honour.

Today we continue the discussion with an exploration of the 4th Core Value, which reads as follows:

TCC Core Value #4
We are stewards
We are committed to managing wisely all resources entrusted to us, recognizing that we are ultimately accountable to God.

We believe that Teen Challenge Canada belongs to God. Everything we have and all our success ultimately comes from God and is for His Glory. We are stewards, managers, entrusted with something precious. The torch has been passed to us as staff, for a time. We must leave Teen Challenge Canada better, stronger, healthier and more effective than we found it. The time will come for us to pass the torch on to others - let's pass something on that is excellent and that will continue to have impact in the lives of addicts.

We have worked hard to up our game in the area of financial stewardship. We are improving our budgeting, monitoring and reporting processes. We have good checks and balances in place to ensure spending is authorized and to prevent unwise financial commitments. We also submit to an annual independent audit and the CEO and CFO are fully accountable to the Board of Directors.

We regularly and carefully review all aspects of our organization to ensure that the Teen Challenge Canada program is properly funded as efficiently as possible. We want to be sure that each staff position is well defined and well resourced and also that staff members are fairly compensated - being good stewards is not primarily about cutting costs but about wisely spending funds where needed.

We also constantly review fund-raising initiatives, measuring the return on investment. We want to be sure that if we spend that donors $40, we are making the best use of it.

Each of us has a role to play as stewards - every expense you incur should be filtered through the stewardship lens. When you consider an expense, I encourage you to hold the image in mind of an elderly woman on a fixed income sacrificing to send in $40. each month as a sponsor. Then think, how many of these sponsors would be needed to cover that expense. That should give you pause to ensure that the expense is an investment that will contribute to the mission of Teen Challenge Canada.

Even our students are stewards of the buildings they occupy for a year - they should take pride in these facilities and endeavour to leave them in better shape when they depart than when they arrived.

I am confident that to the extent we are good stewards with what we have, God will entrust us with more - not just funds, but also opportunities to impact more men and women caught in addiction.

Thanks for serving well and for doing so as good servants.

Dan Murray, CEO



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