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CEO Blog - Our Core Values, Part 3

Posted on November 16th 2015 by Teen Challenge Canada

Our Core Values, Part 3

Dan MurrayWe have been discussing the Mission and Core values of Teen Challenge Canada and so far have covered the following:

Our Mission
To help people overcome drug and alcohol addictions and empower them to reach their full potential in society

TCC Core Value #1:
We are Christian
We believe that God is the catalyst for change for people with life-controlling drug and alcohol problems

TCC Core Value #2:
We are committed to the addict
We believe that a balance of love, accountability and training are required to prepare the individual for successful re-entry into society.

TCC Core Value #3:
We value people
Our students, donors, staff, volunteers, churches, board members and advisory councils are appreciated and worthy of our respect and honour.

This Core Value is easy to say but hard to live out. In many ways, an organization is defined by how it treats people, and it often comes down to the little interactions and everyday encounters. The following are but a few examples of how we might live this out.

We value our volunteers. In the busy day-to-day challenges at Teen Challenge Canada, it can be easy to take our volunteers for granted, or worse, to ignore them or even resent working them into our plans. These men and women are gifts to us, giving of their time with big hearts as they demonstrate God's love to our students in very tangible ways. We must consistently thank and celebrate them and find new ways to incorporate them into the life of our centres.

We honour our partner churches. Every Sunday several churches across Canada graciously open their doors and offer a Church Service dedicated to Teen Challenge. Let us honour them with clear communication prior to the visit. During the Outreach we must be on time, stick to the schedule and be respectful, engaging and thankful. Inspire them with hope through our students' stories of grace and politely extend an opportunity to partner with us in the mission. Finally, honour them by following-up with thank you notes and other helpful information and resources.

We honour our employees. Although we have made some progress, I remain keenly aware of the need to do a better job valuing our staff. We are working hard to create an environment where employees feel appreciated, find opportunity for professional development, are compensated fairly, can fully deploy their talents and are celebrated for their contribution to our common mission. Without the dedication of our staff, whether front line or in a supporting role, we would not see the impact of changed lives as men and women find freedom from addiction.

We honour our neighbours. Our Centres do not exist in a vacuum - we are part of local communities. We can honour our neighbours by keeping our sites attractive, quiet and unobtrusive and by finding ways to serve them - such as serving in local missions or doing roadside clean-up.

As we honour people such as our volunteers, congregations, employees and neighbours, we honour the God who created and loves them, and we will be a stronger, healthier and more effective organization as a result.

Thank you for bringing passion and energy every day to Teen Challenge Canada - for embracing your role as a calling, and not merely a job.

Dan Murray, CEO



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