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CEO Blog - Our mission

Posted on October 26th 2015 by Teen Challenge Canada
CEO Blog

Our mission

Dan MurrayThe mission of Teen Challenge Canada is to "help people overcome drug and alcohol addictions and empower them to reach their full potential in society.

We are a Christian organization, serving men and women wrestling with addiction, as a response to a call to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the broken, and out of a firm conviction that the power of God plays a central role in addiction recovery.

As a Teen Challenge Canada staff member you are part of a vital, life-changing movement across Canada and around the world.

With the very tragic possibility of overdose, what we do here at Teen Challenge can be a matter of life and death, and it is always about providing hope.

It would seem that we have been on a significant journey of change at Teen Challenge Canada for the past few years. Although change is unsettling, the goal of these changes is simple - to make Teen Challenge Canada a healthier and stronger organization so that we can achieve our mission more effectively and with greater impact.

As a Christian organization, excellence should be our norm and as an organization we can always improve and become even more effective and impactful. This is the case whether we are talking about facilities, counselling, spiritual formation, fund-raising, or human resources.

However, despite all the organizational change, a core truth remains - real transformative change in the lives of our students can only happen from the inside by the grace and power of God and through relationship with his son Jesus.

Each of you is called to serve and lead where you are, as individuals and as a part of a team. Your contributions count, your ideas matter, and your energy is essential to helping us achieve our mission. If you invest your God-given talents rather than bury them, God will infuse them with his Holy Spirit and the results will be amazing.

I will take the opportunity with this blog over the next several weeks to remind us of our mission and values, as well as to discuss other issues.

The first few will be a tweak of prior blogs and as always, I welcome any feeback and interaction.

Thank you for serving with passion at Teen Challenge Canada!

Dan Murray, CEO

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