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Taz Needs Our Help!

Posted on October 21st 2014 by Ontario Men's Centre

Taz came to Teen Challenge a few years ago as an adolescent Husky Mix. When she first arrived she would run off regularly and we eventually exhausted our efforts at keeping her on property. However, the Lord is good and she eventually learned her boundaries.

Taz is full of personality and shows it! From barking at the door when she wants inside, to impatiently letting herself back outside when we don't get there fast enough. "Amen Taz" is her favourite statement; when she hears it, she jumps up and is ready for action. She's also our mascot when playing any sport. She's always the first on the field or court and is ready for anything... especially if doggie treats are involved.

But above all, Taz truly has her own ministry at the Centre with all the men who come through our program. Some guys just need one of God's gently creatures to 'love on them' before they're able to open up to the love of others. Taz is in the work of breaking down walls and tangibly communicating God's unconditional love. We need Taz as much as she needs us.

To help us cover Taz's medical cost by making an online donation, please Click Here

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